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Art of Akume

I know my art is something special. Not everyone's cup of tea. Since I know this, I always try to reach the right people. This website does exactly that and is easy to manage.
-Art of Akume

This project has come a long way and shows just how good long term projects work out. Originaly the client just wanted a responsive website with a headless CMS "in a white cube style". So we worked out exactly that. The project was then using Bootstrap and a core of custom libraries that reflectd the artist's identity in his galleries. This project was launched in 2018.

Then, 2 years later, bored with the struggles of the pandemic and looking forward to engage more with his audience, the artist wanted to focus on adding more content and a landing page for his social media, so we went on and launched a completely new website built on top of (lo and behold, for all the buzzwords are here!) a react, using critical styles, a chat function and a very efficient image optimization plus a blogging function. How does that sound? Pretty sweet!

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Sami Simon

I wanted to go for a simple landingpage and Castrum Doloris created exactly what I wanted, without any hesitation. Quick and solid!
-Sami Simon

This might seem like a simply landing page. And it is. The magic of this page is the simplicity is has and the way it communicates the folk vibes of Sami Simon's music.

A quick solution doesn't have to be dirty!

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