this is castrum doloris design

average hipster designer

at all

this is what we do

and we do it right

this is what we did

and we are proud of it

We have worked with creatives and creators, remaking, redesigning, programming their websites from ground up. Our goal is to simply help everyone's work shine in its unique way.

We believe everyone has a vision, but some of you are really brave and put it out there. An this is the case of creators. in order to help them, especially during this harsh times with the corona virus making almost impossible to have shows, we are committed more than ever to make the web a space for artist and creators.

Exposed, blatant, daring. We love you for it. That is why we are committed to do everything in our hand to help you reach everyone out there. This what we stand for and this is our promise: your webpage, your vision, your terms.

And there you might start thinking it all sounds too good to be true? We know it does, but we are not sorry for being so fabulous. In any case, you might want to take a look at some projects and the people we have worked with in the past.

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this is how we do it

Let's do it together

It is quite simple. Really. And the best part: all we need to do it talk.

It's almost like dating, or like a cooperation, but more fun. A lot more fun.Curious how it works?

  1. 1 You show me yours

    We talk about your world, your ideas, your needs

    In short: everything you need and want to tell me so I understand you and your work.

    The more you show me, the better I will be prepared for you.

  2. 1 I show you mine

    After having some drinks and some time, I come back to you and show you the quickest and most viable way to translate your work into web.

    There will probably be a lot of things you might want to look different at this point.

    This is the perfect time to say it!

  3. 1 We come together

    Ideas are great. And a good understanding is always better. That's why, after getting to know each other's ideas, we work towards a prototype that pleases us both.

    No compromises, unless you want to. It is like your usual creative cooperation, just this time it is all about you.

    At this point the most important thing for me will be to be sure you are happy with the concept and looking forward to have this online.

  4. 1 We go online

    After some development time and short meetings and reviews, we are done.

    You get your result and can show the world your amazing work on your amazing site.

    I won't promise you love, but damn, it sounds a hell like it!

We believe in freedom an privacy. That's why we won't track you here.

We only set a single cookie to keep this banner closed once you close it.